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Client Testimonials

We strive to provide our clients with a first-class, outstanding experience on every level.  But don't just take our word for it.  See what our clients are saying about us! 

Thank you again for your excellent work on this project. I cannot stress enough what a relief it was to have you handle this so quickly and professionally.

John F., Chicago, IL

I initially contacted the Willi Law Firm and spoke with Mr. Willi for the purpose of explaining a legal situation that had been brought against me. The case involved trademark infringement, the selling of counterfeit products manufactured in China and sold on eBay and Amazon. Mr. Willi agreed to represent me in this legal issue. He was very courteous and professional in his interaction with me. With Mr. Willi’s background in such legal matters, he knew precisely how best to proceed with the opposing counsel. I appreciated his thoroughness by his attention to detail, and I understood that my interests were his number one priority. The legal matter was ultimately closed with an agreement, considered fair and reasonable, by both parties. I would not hesitate to request Mr. Willi’s services in the future, nor would I hesitate to recommend his law firm.

Ed U., Georgetown, TX

Ms. Willi listened, checked out my story, and took the case, although it was extremely complicated and facing an imminent deadline.  I believe that she felt that the "good guys" (us) had got the short end of the stick and needed support, and she gave us that support.  On very short notice, she put in long hours to get up to speed on the facts and the law, developed evidence that even I had not thought of, found law to support our case from her considerable experience, and defeated a motion for summary judgment.  If you want to do right, choose Ms. Willi.  I think you will find her particularly good with complex commercial litigation, appeals even up to the Supreme Court, cases with complicated facts and evidence, cases with unusual law, and cases that require creative ideas for settlement.

Ron H., Austin, TX

You guys kicked ass for us.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Nathan Ewert, President, Liveline Solutions, Inc., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Jim Willi and Willi Law Firm's attorneys went above and beyond in their efforts to resolve my false patent marking case quickly with the least possible expense to our company.  They were patient in their explanations of the details of the case and clearly laid our all of our options along with their potential expenses and outcomes.  In the end, we were able to resolve our case for what appears to be a record low amount in these types of cases.  We certainly appreciate the extra effort Mr. Willi put in and would gladly recommend him.

Dan M., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Thanks for your diligent representation during our recent false patent marking case.  We appreciate your efforts in reducing both the settlement and the related costs.  Also, we quite enjoyed working with both you and Tracy.

Martin Tracy, President, ET Industries, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr. Willi, the purpose of this letter is to express our sincere gratitude for your service and more specifically for the outcome.  We feel that your analysis, recommendation, and ultimate response to our civil suit was remarkable.  We interviewed several attorneys looking for legal representation.  We ultimately contacted your office, and this turned out to be a fortuituous step on our part.  We were greatly relieved in the end to receive a financial settlement and a dismissal of the suit by the plaintiff.  Due to the overwhelming financial strength of the corporate plaintiff in the matter of alleged trademark infringement and a number of compounding allegations, we recognize that the lawsuit could have had a totally devasting outcome for us.  We are greatly pleased with the quality and thoroughness of your professional service and thank you for this outcome.

Jerry Thomas, Fredericksburg, VA

Willi Law Firm recently represented my company in a lawsuit in Travis County, Texas.  Being that my company is located in Boca Raton, Florida, this was a real issue for us.  After diligently searching online, I found Willi Law Firm and spoke with Tracy Willi.  She was amazing!  She took the case over the phone and walked us through every step of the legal/judicial process.  We ended up settling at almost 10 cents on the dollar compared to what the other side was demanding and both parties were happy with the result.  Thanks, Willi Law Firm!

Jared C., Boca Raton, FL

Working with Jim and Tracy Willi has been a pleasure.  I sought them out initially as legal consultants for a new business and copyright advice for publishing several books.  They met with me immediately.  I would soon learn that their advice and counsel isn't just limited to the legal world, but they offer their own personal insights on how to get started in the business world as well.  They listened over lunch and provided legal advice and enthusiasm for what I was doing.  It is important to get accurate legal advice, but when you find that wrapped in a clear belief and enthusiasm for your business, that makes for a great relationship.

Peter E. Greulich, President, MBI Concepts Corporation, Austin, TX

I researched several attorneys throughout the Austin area to handle my personal case involving both real estate and family law.  None felt right.  Then, I located Willi Law Firm.  Every step Jim took with my case was strategically planned with only my best interest in mind.  He achieved the goal that I wanted at a minimal cost.  Not only did Jim save me money; he saved me time.  Thank you, Jim and Tracy, for all that you did in the handling of my case.

J.K., Austin, TX

Thank you for finalizing this lawsuit.  You have given me my life back.

M.D., Georgetown, TX

Jim was asked to handle an unusual and sensitive IP-related matter for us, came up with a cost-effective, thoughtful solution, and executed the plan perfectly.  The matter was resolved exactly as we had planned.

David L. Roland, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, ION Geophysical Corporation, Houston, TX

After describing the intricacies of our unique IP issue to Jim, he provided a variety of options and approaches, accepted my guidance and priorities, and promptly executed our plan.  Jim's attention to our concerns and the quality of work quickly lead to the result that we wanted. He was efficient in his actions and effective in his results.  I would not hesitate to use Jim again.

Phillip Shotts, Senior Counsel and Intellectual Property Manager, ION Geophysical Corporation, Houston, TX

In starting out a new technology business venture, Jim Willi provided excellent service throughout the incorporation process. Jim quickly grasped our unique company structure regarding the DailyGambit website, a solution for the health and fitness industry, and guided us with his informative expertise on a number of points. We highly recommend Jim Willi, who helped start this entrepreneurial adventure with a solid foundation.

S.L., Austin, TX

"We sell timesheet and project resource management software products globally, so our trademark is very important to us. When it lapsed, and we got sideways with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Jim Willi got it straightened out quickly and with a minimum of effort on our part.

Curt Finch, Founder and CEO, Journyx, Inc., Austin, TX

I was looking into preparing a NFA Trust, and a friend of mine recommended Jim Willi for the preparation.  Jim was very knowledgeable and informative on this matter.  After contacting Jim, it was a matter of days before I had the paperwork in my hands ready to sign.  I can't say enough about his professionalism and services he provided.  I hope to work with Jim in the future.

David Mizell, Bulverde, TX

We selected Tracy Willi as our appellate attorney, because of her experience handling appeals, especially before the Texas Third Court of Appeals in Austin.  After numerous delays by the appellant’s attorney, the appellant’s brief was eventually filed. Ms. Willi constructed our appellee’s brief by responding to each item in the appellant’s brief, and she also developed a case for sanctions against the appellant.  Recently, we learned that the Third Court of Appeals issued their opinion affirming the trial court’s judgment, and they also granted $30,000 in additional sanctions against the appellant and her attorney.  Ms. Willi made this victory possible.

Jim Willi joined our legal team toward the end of our case before the Texas Third Court of Appeals, and he became an important part of three other issues requiring legal counsel that resulted from the appeal.  Mr. Willi was able to review and analyze these issues from a fresh perspective, and he suggested numerous ways to better present our positions.  In a separate case, Mr. Willi negotiated a settlement agreement that, in the long run, will save us time and money.

Tracy and Jim Willi of Willi Law Firm have saved us time and money because of their attention to details, their professionalism, their understanding of the emotional struggles we endured in a matter that pitted family members against family members, their management of legal fees, and because everything they have done has been in the best interests of their clients.

D.D., Riviera, TX

I am a realtor in Austin, Texas.  I had a very large company that refused to pay the commissions that were owed to my company and me.  Jim Willi, of Willi Law Firm, assessed the risks and explained the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of the situation.  With expert guidance and tactics, Mr. Willi was able to resolve the issue without litigation, which was in my best interest.  Knowing and having used other attorneys and law firms in the past, I was very impressed with the honesty and integrity of Willi Law Firm.  I will and would strongly suggest using Willi Law Firm going forward.

Leroy Nellis II, CEO, Nellis Investments L.L.C., Austin, TX

It's not every day you have to contact a lawyer, and it can feel unpleasant when you do.  Mr. Willi took the fear out of it with his disarming warmth and restored my confidence with his timely response and real-world experience.

K.K., Austin, TX

Tracy has handled several real estate issues for us over the past few years.  She has always kept us informed and pursued resolution of the cases expeditiously.  We have been very satisfied with the results whenever Tracy got involved.

M.O., Austin, TX

Jim is extremely knowledgeable and knows how the system works.  He has been instrumental in clarifying some issues I have had; most importantly, he works fast and effectively.  If you require a team of professional, ethical, and responsive lawyers I would strongly recommend Jim and his team.

R.T., Austin, TX

Tracy Willi is an excellent attorney.   I've used her for legal advice for several years. She is very knowledgeable and has provided me with well thought out options.

S.S., Rockwall, TX

I was extremely satisfied with the legal advice Mr. Willi provided and the level of due diligence exercised in my case.

T. Storm, Houston, TX

I resigned from a job and things quickly got ugly with my former employer, and Jim provided sound advice on my rights and made me feel better about the situation.  There was definitely a sense of relief after talking with Jim.

D. Michalsky, Austin, TX

Jim is a technically minded detail oriented superb attorney. He is exceptionally competent presenting or working one-on-one.

T.G., Lakeway, TX

Jim Willi is a very dependable and professional person.  His advice would be an asset for any project or endeavor.  I highly recommend Jim.

J.H., Round Rock, TX

I've known Jim now for about two years.  He has an outstanding character and professionally he has a keen sense and an innate ability to focus on topic and won't let anything get by.  I would recommend Jim for all your professional needs..

L.N., Austin, TX

Jim Willi is an intelligent and tenacious lawyer.  The kind of attorney you want on your side.  With his dedication and attentiveness to detail, I will use his services again..

R. Blackstone, Kyle, TX